We’re not for the 9-5, two paychecks a month crowd.

HUSL believes in a better way: tell us when you want to work, what kind of work you can do, and we’ll let you know what’s available. Pick up a shift – if you want it – get paid quick & easy.

Make the most of your time. Our benefits are clear, so we’ll get right to the point:


Flexible schedules

you define when you want to work and pick up shifts where you want to work


Higher than average wages

and you get paid within 2 business days. *The first payment may take 7-9 business days while we verify your account. 


No strings attached employment

try a few shifts out at a business without long-term commitment


Being a HUSL worker isn’t easy and it isn’t for everyone. We only hire the best of the best.

So what does it mean to be a HUSL worker and how do you know if you’ve got what it takes?



When picking up a shift, you make a commitment to show up and perform a high quality service. We assume and trust that you will. Canceling a shift is okay, but not showing up results in an immediate firing.



We take things like punctuality and responsibility very seriously — we have to and so do you. You are a reflection of the HUSL brand and the qualities that we are expected to deliver. Showing up a few minutes early is a great thing!



We offer a variety of work opportunities, which means you could work in different businesses, locations, industries, and with different people each shift you accept. You’ll need to be eager to learn and quick to pick things up. When you aren’t busy, you shouldn’t be texting or asking what to do next — instead, find something to do on your own and really impress your manager.


Let us know you’re interested

Just fill out an application and if  we think you’ll be a good fit we’ll set up an interview.


Create a profile and set your availability

We’ll send you notifications when a shift becomes available that fits into your schedule.


Show up and work your shift

As soon as you clock out and your manager confirms your hours, you’re set to get paid.

Our commitment to you

HUSL provides training you might need before your shift. We’ll let you know what you need to wear, who you’ll be working with, and will only partner with businesses that meet a high level of standard and quality checks to assure that you enter a positive and safe workplace environment.

We’re also committed to making the right matches – after you complete your shift, you and the manager will be able to rate and review the experience. This allows you more control over where you work and the higher your rating, the more shift invitations you’ll get.

Love an experience so much you want to sign on to their team? HUSL will help you with opportunities to get hired full or part-time AND if you choose, will continue to offer you shifts at other businesses.

Are you ready to join the #HUSLrevolution ?

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